1980s Double Feature Screening – Sydney

5 Mar

Live in Sydney Australia? Why not treat yourself to a night of 1980s romance at its best by attending the “I Love Retro Event” at the Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace in Cremorne. The night features two 1980s classics “Dirty Dancing” PLUS “The Princess Bride”. Special guests on the night will be the authors of the new movie book “Hollywood Teen Movies 80 From The 80s”. Be there on the night to be part of the $100 cash prize for the best themed costume & the Hollywood Teen Movies book giveaway. For a 50% discount on your ticket & more information on this exciting event visit http://www.hollywoodteenmovies.com


One Response to “1980s Double Feature Screening – Sydney”

  1. John Roberts June 22, 2013 at 5:53 am #

    I thought the book Hollywood Teen Films was a great read and was a simplified view of 80 great films fro the 80’s…….I do feel that 10 films could have been left out and replaced with 10 significant films.
    It really is a great book and I love flinging through it but I would have left off these films:
    1)North Shore
    3)Teen Witch
    5)Never Too Young To Die
    6)Back To The Beach
    7)Liars Moon
    8)The Night Before
    10)Where The Boys Are 84′
    …….and I would have INCLUDED these 10:
    1)St.Elmos Fire(I know its in college….but its marketed to teens)
    3)Stand By Me
    4)Rivers Edge
    5)Summer School
    6)The Wild Life
    8)One Crazy Summer
    9)That Was Then,This Is Now
    10)Vision Quest
    …….Im no expert but I just feel that these films would have represented the 80’s better and made for the PERFECT book as I am a huge film fan in general.
    I was however,very please to see some of my favorite,smaller known films represented in this book such as Foxes,My Bodyguard,The Idolmaker,Class Of 1984,Bad Boys,Reckless,Tuff Turf,Mischief,Lucas,and Dream A Little Dream…..so that was really cool to recall some of those great forgotten gems.
    I think I read somewhere in the book that you guys were considering doing 80 more from the 80’s……that would be great and I would most certainly want to get that as well.
    Here are a few others that deserve consideration:
    1)Less Than Zero
    2)Three For The Road
    3)Bright Lights,Big City
    4)My Chauffer…..an unsung Deborah Foreman vehicle
    5)Fraternity Vacation
    7)The Boys Next Door……a dark unheralded gem!
    8)The Monster Squad
    9)The Wraith
    10)The Gate
    11)Permanent Record……….another forgotten gem!
    12)The Beach Girls
    13)Repo Man………….classic
    14)Modern Girls
    15)A Night In The Life Of Jimmy Reardon…….another overlooked classic
    16)The Allnighter
    ……..and since films like The Last Starfighter,Back To The Future,and My Science Project are included I think it would be smart to include ET,Gremlins,and Explorers.
    …….in conclusion,I just wanted to commend you on an excellent book on 1980’s films and even though it didn’t include some “big ones” (atleast for me)……its still a most satisfying read!……Thanks and Regards!!
    John Roberts

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